Now talkSPORT audience can readSPORT too

Commercial radio station talkSPORT reckons its 2.5 million weekly listeners are among the biggest buyers of sports books in the country. Now they plan to satisfy their audience's appetite for the written word after signing a five-year book deal with publishers Simon & Schuster.

At least three titles will be published this year. The first, The talkSPORT Book of World Cup Banter, edited by journalist and author Bill Borrows, is due out on April 29th.

A talkSPORT Book of British Sporting Legends is due to follow in the autumn.

Adam Bullock, commercial director of talkSPORT, told The Bookseller: "Our core audience of 2.5 million talkSPORT listeners every week are the country’s biggest sport fans – and the biggest buyers of sports books in the UK.

"The station has had great success in developing its magazine and music publishing. Now, with our book publishing partner at Simon & Schuster, we are going to be producing a series of books that will be the ultimate guide to all that’s most interesting in sport today."

  talkSPORT's popularity is reflected in the success of Ten Years of talkSPORT, a  behind-the-scenes account written by the deputy editor of talkSPORT's online magazine, Gershon Portnoi, which has sold more than 10,000 copies.

 Follow the link to pre-order The Talksport Book of World Cup Banter: All the Ammo You Need to Settle Any Argument

 For more about talkSPORT or more by Bill Borrows, visit The Sports Bookshelf Shop.


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